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Eco Tourism

Take responsibility while travelling to the natural places, save environment, preserve nature and work for the welfare of local people around us is called eco-tourism.

Encouraging the preservation of wildlife and natural habitats is the responsible form of tourism and tourism development. It’s also the key to sustainable ecological development. Ecotourism has to be both ecologically and socially sensible. Its goal is to decrease the impact that tourism has on a region through support and administration and it even boosts up travelers to have a constructive impression on new surroundings.

There is no universal definition for ecotourism. Ecotourism is just a nature based tourism, the act of surrounding yourself with natures little wonders. The truth is far more complex. Ecotourism has to be both ecologically and socially conscious. Its goal is to minimize the impact that tourism has on an area through cooperation and management and in some case it even encourages travelers to have a positive impact on their new surroundings.

Keep an eye on the below actions to participate in Eco-tourism activities:
• Decrease the negative effects on tourism
• Contribute to conservation
• Arrange work opportunities for local people
• Spread awareness about local environment and culture
• Take help from local people to manage natural areas
• Give positive response to tourists and administration
• Respect flora, fauna and localities
• Report illegal activities
• Respect rules and regulations of the country and local region
• Respect humans and human rights and labor agreements

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