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How to help

Help Wildlife Staff

Forest staff on the frontlines of conservation are the shield to protect natural and cultural treasures of any nation. They work nonstop to protect threatened species like tigers, elephants and rhinos, which are targeted by poachers for the illegal wildlife trade.

Please, help them as you can, which helps frontline staff to get the equipment, training, resources and infrastructure they need to fight with the wildlife crime.

Forest guards live, and die, to protect wildlife and natural wealth. So many of forest guards daily fight with poachers and lost their life, they are also someone’s son, brother, husband and father. Forest guards, stay in wild for months without seeing their families to protect wildlife only.

How we can help and contribute to Forest Guard's:

• Invite your friends and family to join in supporting rangers
• Share forest guard’s life by posting videos, Photos and writing blogs on to your favorite social network
• Send them a thank you card
• Write some good feedback in guest book
• Talk to them and praise their efforts to save the wildlife
• Gift them a life insurance/health insurance as they always live in danger
• Education and support for forest staff families and children
• Wildlife Protection Act training to forest guards
• Distribution of books related to wildlife, wildlife protection act, flora and fauna, which help forest staff and other people to help, save and understand wildlife
• Donate funds in forest guard welfare fund
• Donation of medicines and medical equipment
• Donation of Cameras, Spy cams, Recording systems to fight against poaching
• Donation of vehicles and mobile ambulances for rescue operations
• Kit distribution to the Forest staff for their day to day need when forest staff are on patrolling.
(Kit includes Bag, Water Bottle, Torch with Batteries, Rain Coat, Rain Boot, Jacket, Cap, T-Shit/Shirt, Jungle Map, Navigator, and other necessary equipment)

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