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Keep Your City Clean

Would you like to stay at a place filled with dirt and waste? No, you can’t, even no one can live in such places.

We love the place we live and keep it always neat and clean. How many of us think about keeping cleanliness outside our living place? We love our city, our state and our country with our heart. But that love is in our heart only, each and every inch of our streets, city, state and country are so dirty? Our transportation, hospitals, bus stations, railway stations and all public places are very dirty and for that responsibility is ours only.

There can be many habits which can help us to keep our city clean:

• Always use dustbins for garbage and waste
• Always use public toilets
• Do not write on monuments wall
• Do not cut trees, plant trees
• Do not split on streets and roads
• Make people aware about keeping our city clean through some campaigns and activities
• Don’t throw any wrapper, paper or anything else on road while travelling
• Avoid smoking, and chewing of Tobacco in public places
• Avoid use of plastic bags
• Spread awareness to keep our city clean

There are many advantages for keeping our city clean and green. Let’s know why we should keep our city clean:

• Always use dustbins for garbage and waste
• Tourists only attract to clean and beautiful places. Which helps increases economy of the country
• Clean and hygienic places keeps us healthy and fit and provide us with a longer life
• Clean and hygienic places keeps us away from so many diseases
• Avoid throwing waste products in public places to save our environment and preserve it
• Do not destroy natural resources, keep it safe for future generations
• Clean cities can attract companies which can help locals in getting more employment

We can make big difference by following these steps to make our country even more beautiful. We can drive others to fall in love with the cleanliness, purity and beauty of our country and that day we will feel very proud on ourselves.

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