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Save Environment

Environment is in immense pressure due to our never-ending demands, and they are even increasing day to day. We all want to save our planet, but we are not making these efforts honestly. We are busy in our day to day life, we are feeling problems but ignoring the truth, we are too lazy to put our efforts towards the big change that would improve our lifestyle and save the environment.

We all can play our role honestly by doing little-little efforts and support in sustaining the environment. We just have to remember that we have to save energy, water and gas in every possible way we can, everything related to us is part of this environment, all we eat, drink, and even we breathe.

All these efforts can give phenomenal results, if we can collectively put our efforts:

• Use fluorescent bulbs, for pollution reduction
• Turn off computers, don’t leave it in sleep mode
• Use hankie instead of paper napkins
• Don’t waste paper, use both side of paper for writing and printing
• Recycle newspapers, to save millions of trees every year
• Don’t use Plastic bottled water, it takes thousands year to decompose
• Use less water while bathing, water is precious save it
• Plant a tree, it gives us fresh air and cool breeze
• While driving use your car features to save natural resources and environment as well
• Save energy by switching off the lights when not in use
• Recycle your old phones for benefit of noble cause
• Service your vehicle on time for less pollution
• Help by donating your old item so someone needy
• Do not use plastic bags
• Travel with e-ticket or mobile message you received on booking
• Register for online bills, it help us to save millions of trees every year
• Share this with others and push them to save environment
• Do not waste food, give it to someone needy

So Share!

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